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Four-faith communication 7 anniversary and the old public service of Fujian

       When the Phoenix flowers bloom like a burning clouds Xiamen four-faith communication turns 7 years old birthday. Different hotel Chang dinner celebration party, 7 years old four faith choose a more meaningful way to celebrate a birthday. A two-day four-faith seven old Anniversary-Village-Western Fujian public service not only is a humanistic activities of employees, is a four-faith staff of the innocence of Fujian province to help old elderly and children charity event, but also embodies the feelings of four companies with a corporate social responsibility, support for the old part of Fujian province, love and blessings.

Become a mission play, social responsibility of enterprises have happiness, dreams and consensus of the four faith, the corporate social responsibility inheritance to each of the four faith a love dedication, passed to each of the four faith a steaming charity of the heart! The love and responsibility, is the blessing of the enterprise, but also the blessing of employees! For the love returns......


June 13 to 14, 2015, four faith communication public welfare team of more than 100 partners by three buses,  in old site to the west of fujian province, gu- tian village culture, liancheng ,GuanZhai mountain every step brings us moved and warm.

First stop: Gutian conference, always shine


Four faith public service, the first station to Shanghang Gutian Conference site, understand the important historical significance of Gutian Conference of the historical background, content of the conference, achievements and the Gutian Conference, of our party and army. Gutian conference embodies the spirit of revolutionary innovation, in today's Internet + era background, the development of enterprises in the direction of thinking also has a very strong practical guidance.

The second stop: into the pei-tian culture field, love blossoming open

Four faith public the second station into Peitian, Liancheng County Xuan He Xiang in remote rural areas, for empty nest elderly, the elderly, left behind children and other special groups, blessing and condolences.

● care for children left behind


Despite the difficult conditions, but the children here still love to learn and love life. When the four faith "love teacher group" donated books to be sent to the hands of children, the children happy excited. Five "teacher" another stage, a piece of chalk, three feet of the podium, high-spirited, the audience students, looking forward and concentrate. We hope that brief encounter, let 'country flowers "blooming smile, feel the big hands holding little hands to deliver the power of love.

●The four faith company to make donations, care for elderly people


Peitian is longevity village, over 100 years old 2. Over 70 years old with more than 200, the part of the elderly living in difficult, four faith anniversary saved cost contributions to peitain village lderly association.  peitain village elderly association president stars to Wu on behalf of the teacher elder association president on behalf of the villagers thank everyone's love and four faith issued by the "kindness charity, helping the old man" of the plaque.

● sweeping care for difficulty Family


In difficulty Family four faith public service teams one door was busy to help clean, clear patio weed, dredging ditches, tidy up the kitchen, tables and chairs, clean up dead. Accompany the old person to chat, ask the health status of the elderly, life demand, daily life, to send the elderly to spiritual comfort.

●The injured elderly donation


Wu Tingqing old man for the disabled and unfortunate traffic accident in this public before a couple of days, still in the hospital, after four faith of partners to know the message, to donate for the old and pray he will get well soon, donation site filled with the warmth of love...

Wu Tingqing daughter Wu Fangxi after know this matter, specially wrote a thank-you note to four faith, "on June 13, 2015, is a warm day for me, in xiamen four faith communication technology co., LTD. 7 anniversary special literary party for my father held the donation ceremony, four faith staffs lined up for the party scene of charitable donation gave me great warmth! Thanks for all the colleagues of the compassion donation, four faith company sincerely thank you for your generosity and selfless help, let my heart filled with gratitude and warm..."

● Play


Old person, child and partners, which are four faith communication, give you a good happy get-together, on the ancient stage, your I debut, the show talent, as if to return to childhood is the most beautiful time of innocence.


Theatrical performances in a very old grandpa and grandma, the years killed their young, could not change their heart forever young, full of passion, they kind smile, true performance, direct touch the heart.

Third station: climb guanzai mountain, Rowing Shimen lake , indulge in the landscape


Magnificent beauty of the GuanZhai mountain scenic area. Along the way Valley intricate, old heaven, swaying bamboos, refreshing, let the guy with their body and mind to obtain the full stretch and regulation. In the process of travel, help each other, care between colleagues, communication, full of laughter......


Thanksgiving four-faith partners in love and pay the old public service of Fujian province. 7 year old boy to a powerful four faith, but still very small, we believe there will be more and more enterprises to join the caring welfare team, practice good heart of kindness, warmth and sincere a love passed to every corner. Love and duty is an endless journey, four-faith communication, always on the way to create a better future together with you ...

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