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Application scenarios with four faith products, every month to send awards!

       Don't need professional SLR camera, don't need a professional shooting skills, as long as you have a "heart", has a pair of good at discovering the Internet of things application of beautiful eyes, you are our hero! Since may this year four faith product application scenario glossing activity since the opening, attracting people passionate concern, in order to let more friends have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities, from now on, four faith son home official WeChat open "take pictures" column!


Rivers and lakes crazy pass as networking applications elite you, work in high force project with outstanding technology, you may not pay special attention, in fact, four faith boy is in your side, in you are responsible for the project, for a variety of applications provide efficient, intelligent, reliable wireless connection.


To show the beauty of the application of the Internet of things, send a prize every month!

The Internet of things, from concept to product, from product to application, be raging like a storm, rapid development. It is gradually changing our industrial form and life form. In this tide you explore and expand, also we are countless pay and wonderful. Shooting record wonderful, sharing project wisdom.


As long as you take pictures, there will be a surprise. As long as the fitting theme shoot on their own, then, the four faith home highest rated entries every month, regular monthly publication award information and timely delivery of prizes, photography boutique in the four-faith wechat platform show on a not regular basis.

Four Faith 50+ countries and customers in the area of joint participation, showing each country, wonderful Internet application in various industries. Indirect evidence of four faith home products if this activity is not just a communication terminal, which is connected by bridge, connection Internet of beauty,Please treat me as Unintentional act.

How to take pictures? At least 4 pictures, the more will be better.


Photos include: your company panorama + project panorama +2 above four faith product application, JPG format

Text description: introduces the general situation of your project, the application of four faith products in your project, no less than 200 words. The following example,


How to participate in the activities?


Send photos and text to "Xiamen four-faith" app platform or e-mail 1017742753@QQ.com. Leave your information: name, company, title, phone number, mailing address


In July we will give you the delivery of millet bracelet, get to it~


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