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Four-Faith Industrial Router makes the intelligent delivery locker smarter

      Guide : Known as the "bird box" intelligence delivery locker is more and mroe popular in the neighborhoods, intelligent delivery locker operating company hope them to be smarter, can make unified management in the form of wireless remotely. Through Four-Faith 3G industrial router solved the problem by wireless instead of traditional way of cable transmission, bring convenience of deployment, completely solve the "last one hundred meters" wireless networking and remote management problem.

Four-Faith customer application cases


Hangzhou courier company


Shanghai courier company

System architecture


Intelligent delivery locker project deployment is simple: system includes three parts customer deployment the intelligent delivery locker, Four-Faith F3X34 series industrial router and monitoring platform.

Monitoring platform

Independent desktop server, the main implementation to communicate between many cabinet system, real-time monitoring of the delivery locker terminal online status, push instruction and information, processing request from the terminal and reports, etc..

Industrial PC part (core)

Mainly deal with the following two kinds of data:

Business data part: text, buttons, scan the barcode, LED advertising system, etc.

Management data section: equipment running status information, video monitoring, etc.


Network transmission part ( 3G wireless router)


Monitoring platform need to manage all the terminal equipment, need through the Internet. The current wireless network coverage and its utilization rate is very high, and now is the Internet age, use 3G/4G network to provide network is convenient, also can reduce the high construction cost.

Four-Faith router provides standard screw and fixation devices to fixed installation by the screw holes on the reverse of the equipment; 5-35V wide voltage input; At the same time through the antenna extension can effectively avoid the influence of signal shielding, can meet the scene of the various application environments with Four-Faith router.


Four-Faith F3X34 series industrial router is the core of intelligent delivery wireless networking system, the product is industrial-grade communications products based on a 4G/3G wireless network, integrated with a full range from logical link layer to application layer communication protocol, to provide users with security, high-speed, stable and reliable wireless router network, implement self-service delivery locker 4G/3G wireless networking and remote management service.

System advantages

Intelligent delivery locker is based on Internet of Things, which can identify, staging, monitoring and management of parcels. Appearance looks like a supermarket storage cabinets, simple understanding is a smart supermarket storage cabinets, its intelligence is automatically send information to the customer after checking the information, notify the customer to pick-up.


Advanced system integration

1) IC card payment system uses the industry's most advanced key management system, safety and reliable.

2)Log in includes card number/registered user name/email address/ID number + password + captcha way.

3) The most advanced system integration solutions, through the mobile phone number + verification code to pick-up.

Security and stability of data transmission

Through Four-Faith communication equipment, each delivery locker is combined into intelligent network terminal, can real-time monitoring every terminal operation through the network, adjust the supply chain, and electronic promotional advertising. Realize remote monitoring and management of equipment, reduce equipment maintenance costs.

Four-Faith is the earliest to put technology and resources exploration of wireless communication technology application in the field of finance and self-help. Independent research and development of the IoT wireless routers, M2M digital terminal provides powerful equipment and technical support for self-service terminal wireless private network construction, security encryption, remote maintenance and management, supply chain management, advertising push. The system network topology as follows,

Market effects

1) To promote enterprise and brand image is beneficial for any logistics company.

2) High efficiency and low cost charge way, electronic currency settlement, improve the efficiency of capital management, effectively prevent favoritism and counterfeit money residue momey caused economic losses.

3) Simplifying the manual operation process, improve the working efficiency and accuracy, reduces the operating costs of the enterprise.

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