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The sixth Distribution Automation Technology Application Forum

        August 21-22, 2015 the Sixth Distribution Automation Technology Application Forum will be grand held in in Nanchang, and sponsored by The national electric Will be the use of power distribution new technology, the construction of smart power distribution network as the theme, to explore the construction and technology development and application of smart power distribution network, Xiamen four faith Communications Technology Co., Ltd. will be invited to participate.

 In the construction of power distribution automation, communication is the basis, with the improvement of power distribution automation technology and intelligent electric power equipment level, power system communication network security, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance and other aspects of proposed higher requirements, distribution automation communication system has gradually become the key link of the whole intelligent power grid construction.

 In electric power, four faith communication fully understand the power distribution automation communication construction demand, its wireless communication terminal and the software platform has been widely used in feeder line monitoring and Reactive power compensation, pole mounted switch monitoring, electricity transmission and distribution line monitoring, the electric vehicle charging pile monitoring, smart meter reading and other fields.

The conference four faith communication will be launched specifically for the power distribution network automation and innovation research and development of wireless Low consumption modem F2X14-D, the product will follow the power grid reliability and safety requirements, technology perfect matching power distribution communication application scene, will help power customers to build a safe and reliable power distribution automation communication network.


Reliable wireless transmission, originating from the four faith communication:

Product features are as follows,

1. Special design for power electric support power electric regulations

2. Embedded design, small size, convenient docking customer equipment

3. Environmental adaptability,”State Grid Calibrating and Measuring Center “certification

4. Reliable networking, always online:

5. Application of 50 + countries, faultless operation of products

6. Multi data center synchronous transmission:

7. Signal receiver sensitivity:

8. Equipment remote configuration, upgrade and maintenance, greatly improve the management efficiency

To invite sincerely participants to visit four faith booth F9 to guide, and exchange of new applications and technologies for power intelligence, four faith technology research and development staffs will introduce in details according to the project case,There are exquisite gift waiting for you to take!

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