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Dual SIM Card Industrial Router shown in Beijing and Taipei

Oct,2010, Four-Faith attended the P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA in Beijing andTAITRONICS 2010 in Taipei, China.

Four-Faith atTAITRONICS 2010 in Taipei

Four-Faith at 2010 P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA

Four-Faith specializes in wireless data communication terminals for many industrial filed. With the help of her own competitive advantages of products based on 3.5G/3G/2.5G/2G and applications for Internet Of Things, she has become a renowned company in data transmission for Internet Of Things, and won a number of national patent and copyright authentication.

Based on GSM/GPRS/CDMA/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/CDMA2000 1XEVDO/TD-SCDMA,WIFI,ZEGBEE,Cellular Industrial Modem,IP Modem, Industrial Routers,WIFI Routers,3G SOHO Routers,3G Gateway,GPRS Terminal,ZIGBEE have been shown in this show which have been widely used in power, finance, environmental protection, transportation application and so on. These products and solution will help customers to realize the wireless data,voice,video transmission via the most reliable communication, the most convenient network connection.

Four-Faith F3X33 Serial Industrial Routers

Four-Faith latest product Dual SIM Card VPN Industrial Router has been shown for the first time in this show. It has high strong features, such as dual wireless links automatically exchange and backup; dual wireless links , WAN, wired three links automatically exchange and backup; VPN Client(PPTP;L2TP;IPSEC;GRE);Mirror for the data of WIFI access and so on. It is highly right for the industries who have high requirement for security of the data link, such as finance; public security, broadcast and so on. It can help clients to realize data transmission without any disconnection via dual network links.




Four-Faith Dual SIM Card VPN Industrial Routers

In unmanned remote sites, due to harsh environment and problems of power supply, traditional serial port modem usually need people to be there to reboot and maintain the modem. Based on principle of“Smart Design”, Four-Faith has launched a series of smart modem, which is unmanned and laborsaving.


FourFaith F1X03 Serial MODEM on the show

During the show, FourFaith patent "smart timer switch" technology is used in weather monitoring,mine monitoring and control, water pipe network monitoring and early warning flash floods, where unattended environments customers, the technology can control the wireless communication terminal no communication is turned off, when device power is almost zero. When you need to communicate time arrives, automatically boot. Traffic to maximize savings and reduce power consumption, but also to meet some of the communications industry, the requirements of precision timing.

Things for wireless communication and application of communication are still our company’s stand simulation and reconstruction framework based on 3G wireless video monitoring system, smooth and stable on-site access to the field of transmission performance is widely recognized by customers. Our Routers is used in Merchants Bank ATM machine monitoring, water quality online monitoring of pollution sources,water distribution network monitoring, traffic light image capture system in many province in China;

Through the exhibition platform,We have talked with customers, partners, suppliers deeply and close cooperation, continue to gain market leadership to bring customers a better quality of wireless communication experience




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