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Four-Faith company anniversary speech


 Four-Faith, a simple and resounding names, a low-key but solid team, and is responsible for a harmonious enterprise, June 18, ushered in the age of the birthday. 
       Over the past year, the entire staff of dedicated Four-Faith, and strive to of "honesty, trust, confidence, faith," the simple concept of providing customers with superior silently services; over the past year, Four-Faith has been a lot of trust and respect of peers, Many suppliers have been the strong support by industry colleagues and partners to pay their heart. 
       Four-Faith, singing along, laughing all the way; Four-Faith, firm, and Thanksgiving, and harmony, and the Endeavor. June 18, the summer wind overflow elegant all employees of the Four-Faith in my heart, Four-Faith staff came to have a "world geoparks" Fujian Taining reputation, to celebrate his birthday in 2009, enjoying the "summer Sheng static-free wind from Xia twilight "of the natural scenery, about the work of a common life and ideals.




      Tea party, Four-Faith staff speak; various departments over the past year were summed up the experience and gains and losses, while planning a new Four-Faith blueprint. 






     Four-Faith staff to participate in the drift after the tea party pictures!



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