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Four-Faith 3G products to participate

The afternoon of May 22 to "the integration of information applications, the value of vision achievements" as its theme the whole business of China Telecom, "100 City Tour" in the Shangri-La Hotel Harbin.



The tour stops in Harbin is China Telecom in 100 major cities nationwide business activities of an important tour stop is in the business operations on the "integration of information applications and integrated communications services," a focus on display, even in Harbin telecommunications business in a branch-wide dissemination activities focused on the scene.
The activities of the majority of the province tour customer support and concern, a total of more than 100 business representatives and leading us. Tour at the meeting, in order to get closer to customers, to meet customer demand for personalized, Harbin telecommunications subsidiary to the event as an opportunity to the whole business as a carrier, to customer-focused fundamental to information technology as a means of innovation, are committed to customer richer applications and services become more thoughtful, more secure network of integrated information services. With 3Gtechnology products at the scene display area and experience. 3G technology is the display of the grand launch of the Harbin branch of telecommunications industry-leading third-generation mobile communications products and services presentations, allow users to feel the real speed 3G network ubiquitous era, the age of the Internet to enjoy mobile communication services.


Four-Faith F3623 industrial router for 3G customers demonstrated high-speed wireless video transmission; Four-Faith F4633 3G WIFI commercial router with its elegant appearance, powerful functions, so that customers feel at the scene of office SOHO wireless, multi - Internet and other new equipment to share the 3Gexperience. Four-Faith 3G products stand by our customers great concern.



Through this display, so that Harbin telecommunications and the Four-Faith further strengthen cooperation, Four-Faith full range of 3G wireless terminals will allow customers at any time, anywhere in the world, heart to experience the new China Telecom integrated information services. Customers of the new information brought about by life.



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