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Four-Faith 3G Routers makes POS networked for the Shanghai World Expo


      May 1st, 2010, Shanghai World Expo opened to welcome overseas visitors.


      According to the forecast from the Research Center of Shanghai World Expo, there will be will be more than 70 million people to visit Shanghai Expo, As the park's vast area, while a lot of audiences, at the same time, how to offer drinking water anytime and anywhere for so many potential visitors has become a big challenge for the organizer. 


      In order to solve this problem, Four-Faith worked with China Mobile, Coca Cola, Yili and other companies to set up above 200 mobile Beverage POS sites to provide Beverages for visitors.  Due to the scattered net points together with wiring problems, it would be hard for data exchange between server cener and remote site through the traditional network ADSL line.  On the contrast, Four-Faith 3G Industrial Router makes data exchange for mobile POS come true easily.  Hence, Beverage retailers and visitors both benefit from this excellent, high-speed and reliable data transmission service. 


Four-Faith cellular router adopts industrial grade wireless module to access the internet by CDMA2000 1X EVDO network from China Mobile, together with VPDN function to make sure the data exchange for mobile POS and Kiosk system reliable, safe and real time.


Four-Faith as a Professional supplier of cellular transmission terminals for internet of things, we are glad to witness all the visitors to have a wonderful time in Shanghai Expo park, and know more about the world in the coming summer. 



mobile beverage outlets



Installation and testing scene



Application environment of Four-Faith 3G Router



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