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2012 Four-Faith mid-autumn carnival night

In order to celebrate Chinese traditional Mid-autumnFestival and National Day per year, to active cultural life of employees,Four-Faith held series of activities.

1st “Four-Faith Kid Cup” footballgame

September 22nd,in bright sunshine, Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 2012the 1st “Four-FaithKid Cup” football game was held as scheduled. “Youth team” composed by theCommerce Department and R&D Department VS “Daka team” composed by TechnicalDepartment and Business Department.




In theground, “Four-Faith Kids” fought courageously and fiercely, cheerleaders alsooffered a thunderous cheers.

Finally,Youth team won the game by the score of 6:4.

Enjoy a leisurely farmhouse barbecue

To thedestination of farmhouse, the host has prepared for us the most fresh farmvegetables, barbecue activity kicked off.




We alsospontaneously organized many games, enjoyed the fresh, pastoral scenery andbarbecue.

Enjoymid-autumn festival evening

Mid-autumnfestival dinner began with the exciting music, all staffs celebrated thefestival.




Wonderfulperformances put the party atmosphere to a climax.

Moomcake gambling, who would be the winner?

Look at the prizes on the table, everyone to be eager for afight. More than one hundred employees immersed in the joy, exciting atmosphere.




Finally, each table selected “the winner”, then all thewinners fought for “the King”, Xitang Wu become the most fortunate person whomwon the King awards.

The night was always filled with joy,pleasant atmosphere, sincerely wished each Four-Faith employee happy Mid-autumnFestival!

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