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Four-Faith LED Products Bloom at 14th CIOE

Enter International Market! Four-Faith LED Wireless Release Bloom 14th China International Optoelectronic Exhibition

September 6-9, 2012, China International Optoelectronic Exposition, known as "China top optoelectronic", was held at Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center. Total exhibition area is of 100,000 square meters, nearly 3000 optoelectronic enterprises at home and abroad presented their products, applications, and technology in this exhibition.

The optoelectronic exhibition has becoming the best opportunity for enterprises to expand market in the rapid development of China's LED market. LED exhibition of this year is more emphasis on the direction for healthy development and cost-effective. LED exhibitors at home and abroad gathered in this fair to present their display, lamps, epitaxial silicon, led wireless release software, especially new LED display exhibition became the focus. Four-Faith carried a variety of newly developed LED wireless release systems to the fair.

With years of rapid development, Four-Faith has got the certification of ISO9001, CE, FCC, SGS, achieved a major breakthrough in the field of wireless communications technology in the Internet of Things, the number of invention patents and copyright certificates; And the few in the market has the ability to provide complete LED wireless release system software, wireless release dedicated communication terminal, to offer full products of wireless release and engineering solutions, shares a good reputation in the field of wireless release.




From single-color to full-color LED display, the development of domestic led display production technology is basic keep pace with the world. The full-color LED display has more room for creative and broader interaction and communication with the customers, meet the personalized needs, with the spread of the concept of the digital age, is a unique form of the screen.




Four-Faith does good in this industry, this exhibition show latest research and development of LED information remote release system, by four letter and 3G wireless router communications, release videos, FLASH, animation and other forms of program via Four-Faith 3G router, with playback flexible and rich content to achieve real-time, network release. The presentation of the system attracts many visitors, many foreign countries customers expressed a strong interest in the product and signed intention contracts. Four-Faith excellent product quality and professional after-sales service are recognized by the international market, and Four-Faith will do more to go further.

LED information remote release system: focused on large-scale networking smart LED project release platform, to provide customers with intelligent operations management platform, which also includes B/S web structure and C/S client structure for customers to choose;




LCD digital signage publishing system: smart release platform for video release;

LED wireless gray scale graphics control system: based on cellular GPRS, CDMA, 3G, ZIGBEE IP MODEM, to provide customers with full network terminal selection;

LED wireless full color video transmission system: to provide customers with a full-color video publishing service;

LCD wireless digital signage transmission system: to provide customers with intelligent release digital signage terminal;

Meteorological wireless disaster warning broadcasting and publishing system: mainly used in the meteorological department for disaster monitoring, real-time alarm and release.

Four-Faith has a perfect performance in this exhibition. Latest research and development of smart C/S structure LED network release system, multimedia B/S structure release system, meteorological wireless disaster warning broadcasting and publishing system. Visitors are speak highly of unlimited distances to large-scale networking, networking, real-time updates information, accurate and efficient admin advantage features.

Smart C/S structure LED network release system is an open platform based on PC platform, with multifunction release center, LED display, LED control card, a dedicated LED intelligent terminal major components. It is intelligent server database management, can accommodate up to 5000 LED terminal simultaneously online, can be multiple networking of 3G, 4G, WIFI, etc.; the system is suitable for small and medium-sized projects application.




Multimedia B/S structure release system is based on a proprietary platform, a high definition multimedia display technology using LED display and LCD display to comprehensive show corporate propaganda, real-time notification, etc, to remote production, publishing, management and update the program at any time. The system is able to play almost all formats of mainstream media information, has a strong system stability and security, and cost effective.




Meteorological wireless disaster warning broadcasting and release system, is an innovation and sublimation of Four-Faith flood warning broadcasting system, with "wireless LED screen release" and "emergency broadcast" design to provide a variety of services (wireless alarm, etc) timely. The product can be effective in disaster prevention and mitigation, attracts a number of government departments to visit and guide.




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