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New Launch 4G Router on Shenzhen IOT Exhibition 2012

2012 Fourth Shen Zhen international internet of Things Technologies and Applications Exhibition held August 15-17 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center .Internet of Things backbone enterprises in the field of wireless communication--- Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. to be invited by Information Industry Chamber of Commerce to participate in the event , carrying its top five wireless objects associated product lines to attend, including : 3G/4G wireless communication terminals of long-distance network , based on ZigBee the short-range networking of wireless communication terminals, GPS - based positioning networking wireless communication terminal , the early warning system of disaster prevention and mitigation , LED wireless release system .


Four- Faith booth scene photo

Since Four-Faith founded, she focuses on Internet of Things M2M wireless communications terminal equipment , industry application software , such as product development, production and sales . Number of technological achievements awarded the national invention patents, utility model patents , R & D capabilities and R & D results among the highest in the industry . The exhibition , four - letter year new high-speed industrial 4G router and embedded ZigBee module , to attract many customers

Four-Faith F3X34 series of industrial grade high-speed wireless router , across the board compatible 4G/3.5G/3G/2.5G network , compared with ordinary wireless router , product features and performance upgrades obvious effectively put an end to the large flow of data packet loss , to meet the full amount of data stability requirements for higher wireless networking needs of the industrial field

F8913 Series the ZigBee embedded communications module continuation of a Four-Faith product " wisdom , standards, safety , reliable advantage of the protection of industrial-grade , wide temperature design , super anti-jamming , a large digital transmission of data packets smooth , superior product performance to fit industrial control occasions close wireless networking applications.

Four-Faith dedicated to customized solutions , end-to-end fast response service . Relying on a strong R & D capabilities , and offer a variety of programs and application cases , including in disaster warning , intelligent transportation , smart agriculture , smart grid , WIFI bus , rich with the actual operability industry application solutions in the exhibition , The attracts integrators and partners gathered to discuss the material objects associated total acumen applications.

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