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Celebrate Four-Faith 4th anniversary, Four-Faith growth with M2M

Celebrate Four-Faith 4th anniversary, Four-Faith growth with M2M

------ Four-Faith was held the fourth anniversary celebrations

Lotus incense in June, in this beautiful season, Four-Faith communication ushered her holiday - June 18, Four-Faith celebrate 4th anniversary .

Four years’ rain and wind in the road is an Endeavour song, more than fourteen hundred days and nights, FourFaith is close to the pulse of the development of the communications industry, independent innovation, product line has been progressively cover the long-distance wireless data transmission network, short-range wireless data-transmission network, GPS positioning and tracking network, disaster prevention and mitigation warning ,LED Wireless Publish multiple industry applications, four-faith growth become a wireless communications backbone enterprise and gradually to show a pretty face.




Four years, Four-Faith insist on people-oriented, continuously push forward the building of enterprise culture, focusing on the play to their initiative, and stimulate potential employees in a user-friendly management, and enhance the cohesion of the team, to enhance the centripetal force, to achieve the harmonious development of people and businesses. Four-Faith 4th anniversary, thanks to the hard work of all employees, is organizing a series of activities to celebrate, including the essay competition, the basketball game, Lung Fu Shan and Sanqingshan travel, anniversary dinner, in order to enhance the unity of the people of the Four-Faith friendship.




The fourth anniversary of the birthday celebration dinner in the the Sanqingshan hotel held as scheduled, the laughter and cheers, passionate pride. Kicked off celebrations in the bursts of applause, banquet The first is the award of recognition of the award-winning staff of solicitation activities and basketball, the audience remained absorbed in ecstatic joy! Brilliant performances after awards, four-faith has always many versatile staffs, boys combined concert "old boy" affectionate interpretation of the firm pursuit of the dream, we strive to more effort!





Yesterday's brilliant is pass away, the challenge tomorrow is high morale!

The future, FourFaith employee will endeavor to comply to the teachings of Premier Wen, looking at the stars, come down to earth, firmly grasp the industry the opportunity to grow with the Internet of Things. Base on customer needs in industrial wireless communications products and applications, to continue independent research and development, has introduced a professional product; in production, sales, service, innovation, and strengthen the core competitive advantages and continue to promote the development of wireless communication and the application of various industries. Create brilliant with customers.

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