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Four-Faith communication won the best innovation application award

In the morning of May 31,2012 the seventh "Power 100" Cup 72 lines of mobile information applications Competition Award Presentation Ceremony ( Eighth "power 100 "Cup 72 line of mobile application contest launching ceremony )was held at Hotel Paragon Xiamen.

Four-Faith communication" LED information remotely released system " with powerful features, easy operation, novel applications, scientific mechanism for handling features gained the high public praise from experts, standing out in 780 enterprises, won the best innovation application award.




"Wireless LED Information Public System" independently developed by Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. , with information real-time updates, LED Large-scale networking, and networking unlimited distances, accurate and efficient management background and others features to effectively enhance the management efficiency of the use of units,creating a real-time information networking in the new blue ocean.

Released as a new information carrier, the wireless LED information system has a vast market and can be widely used for Government, business, transportation, catering, construction, tourism, sports, transportation and other industries and sectors, the application of mainstream including vehicle information advertising ,weather information, traffic control information, commercial advertising and promotional information dissemination.

Four-Faith will always uphold the integrity, professionalism, innovative ideas, close to the pulse of the development of the networking industry, to be the industry Promoter of the development; innovative, do a full intellectual property practice; in-depth the networking industry applications, providing customers with leading professional products and services, go all out to make brands to build the Internet of things the wisdom of the world.

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