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Four-Faith will participate in "IOT Expo China 2011”

"IOT Expo China 2011”will be held October 20th-22th 2011 in Wuxi.

In the exhibition,Four-Faith will display the applications and solutions based on  wireless communication.Such as:LED wireless distribution system,remote acquisition and control systems,networking applications in agriculture,environmental protection,industry application,the financial and so on.

Four-faith self-developed products will be displayed on the site:

1.LED wireless distribution system

Support Video,animation,images,text and other information published with high-speed used for car,lintel,traffic,weather station.

2、Remote collection and control system

To show the complete process of the data collection,transmission,processing and control

3.Agricultural application of things

Realize agricultural intelligence,visualization and meticulous management

Invite industry partners to visit,negotiate and experience.

“IOT Expo China 2011”

Four-faith communication booth:1A10

Date: October 20th-22th 2011

Add:Taihu lake in Wuxi,China Expo Center

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