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CommunicAsia 2011,Four faith highlights in Fairs

Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd,successfully participated in the 22nd international communication and information technology exhibition and seminar from June 21st to 24nd, 2011 in Singapore.

Since 1979, CommunicAsia has gradually developed into one of the communications industry authority of the exhibition, is to demonstrate the communication technology innovation, is a platform to gather the ideal of the industrial manufacturers.

CommunicAsia 2011

Four faith with“WIRELESSM2M FOR SMART WORLD”as the theme,showing the industrial wireless communications hardware , physical networking products and solutions for industrial applications in CommunicAsia 2011.

There are our full product lines,industrial Modems,DTU(IP Modems),Industrial routers,Commercial routers, Soho mobile routers, 3G Gateway,GPS IP MODEM,GPS Router and Zigbee modems,routers. These products attractvisitorsfrom around the world.

Our products have been widely used on finance,water supply,environment protection,electric power system, weather fields,food industry etc(Kisok, GPS, AMR, LED, smart meter, M2M field etc).Thenetworking applicationsand solutionsdisplay areaattract a large number ofindustrial spectators.

Through the CommunicAsia 2011 to showcase the company's strengths, improve the company's reputation, and further expand the marketing channels for the further development of markets and new economic growth point for the foundation.

2011 exhibition site in Singapore


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