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Faith Fund" founding conference held in Xiamen headquarters

"Solidarity Mutual aid and dedication of love" has always been the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and to promote “mutual love , all goodness , happy work, grow together, rich mission , willing to assume" Happiness enterprise concept the company's marketing departmentinitiatives, company leaders and relevant departments decided to mutual aid Foundation was established in February 10, 2015--"Faith Fund".


"Faith Fund" founding conference held in Xiamen headquarters

Seed funds from the company's 2014 annual outstanding Department - the big marketing " excellent team bonus company grants, enthusiastic staff and partner donations. "Faith fund" management committee consists of a chairman, vice chairman, director and fund accounts staff composition, daily operation and management of the implementation of fund. Open the wisdom, the spring breeze blowing, "the Faith fund" in charge of the management team will be able to continue to explore mode, root and sprout, grow sturdily.


"Faith fund "management committee members to discuss specific articles of association

“Faith fund”is takes helping the staff solves the significant disease, the accident and family life difficult position  for the purpose of employee mutual aid organization. Transparent management implementation by the management committee in accordance with the regulations, be earmarked and accept the supervision of workers. In the future the company employees in difficult events, can obtain funding from the mutual fund.

Mutual aid Foundation news release, four-faith Office of communications through bursts of warm currents, the selfless dedication of all staff, "faith funds" germination and growth. “The rose's in her hand,the flavor in mine.”, to love, sowing happiness", gratitude to all small partners participate actively in love and mutual assistance, giving love to soundless, believe "Faith Fund" love will warm your heart!

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