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Pursue the edge of innovation! Four-Faith attended MWC 2015

MWC2015 was held in Barcelona on Mar.2-Mar.5 as scheduled. According to the global mobile communications association. About 93,000 from 200 countries attended this exhibition. During this exhibition, about 2000 company showed their latest products and service including mobile operator, software enterprise, device supplier and some representative from car, finance, and medical industrial etc..


On this exhibition, some related to IOT including transducer, chipset, smart home automation were displayed covering terminal, internet,application and service etc..


IOT wireless communication specialist Four-Faith attended this exhibition, Four-Faith overseas director Nick Jiang had a heat discussion with the customer attending the exhibition about the wireless new technologies and new application.

The Smart Home Automation related products are warmly welcomed in this exhibition, the demand of the wireless modules is wide.Nick recommended the zigbee wireless modules and solution to the customer and is well affirmed.

In the construction of intelligent city, Four-Faith WIFI new media operation system could be used in building intelligent shops, wireless business circle,intelligent network, intelligent bus etc. So accurate marketing weapon favored by many countries.

The topic of this MWC2015 is“ THE EDGE OF INNOVATION”.where is the edge and what is the next generation of wireless communication technology?


Which means the points of the development of IOT is no longer to connect all the devices together, but how to make them for better communication and how to arrange such connection. This is also what Four-Faith ‘s working hard for.

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TAGS: Pursue the edge of innovation! Four-Faith attended MWC 2015

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