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To perform traditional culture and build the happiness company

Enter Four-Faith company, the first thing you encounter is a striking calligraphy and painting of “Stick to kindness, closer to happiness; we honest and trustworthy, anything not to take shortcuts". This is the company leadership combining practice and puts forward the enterprise concept, namely: lead all of the staff to the good; advocate the harmonious humanities environment; carry forward the "honest and trustworthy" as the core of traditional culture; to establish healthy and progressive life attitude.


Over the years, the company draw nutrition from traditional culture, to create the happiness enterprises of the people-oriented , in order to make Four-Faith friends to understand the Chinese long history and traditional culture is extensive and profound, and derive the essence from traditional culture, Four-Faith invited Chinese traditional culture disseminator mentor Mr. Shi to do " To perform traditional culture and build happiness enterprise" the theme of the speech.


Mr. Shi is the practitioners of Chinese traditional culture, with more than ten years of actual combat teaching experience, research and practice to carry forward the "filial piety culture" as the core of Chinese traditional culture, build a "filial piety grateful spirit, team spirit and harmonious spirit, innovation" as the enterprise culture.


Mr. Shi talked about the meaning of "Filial piety" and "Dao", how to show filial obedience to parents, how to make family culture of filial piety between parents, spouses, brothers and sisters relationship, to improve family index; how to apply filial piety wisdom to creating a culture of filial piety between business leaders, enterprise employees, to improve leadership authority, execution, work efficiency and staff loyalty, dedication and sense of responsibility; how to apply filial piety to cultivate and maintain a friend relationship, customers and suppliers relationship, to build a strong network of helping each other.

The interpretation of Mr. Shi by using allusions, penetrating depth; putting forward example, full of humor and wit, make the stage triggered a burst of applause and laughter from time to time, to touches all the Four-Faith person’s heart and enlighten their wisdom.

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