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"Thanksgiving, Share, Change, Innovation" Four-Faith company growth high speed every year

On January 31, 2015, the air fulls of busy, joy and strong holiday atmosphere everywhere, the Four-Faith communication conference and awards ceremony was held in Xiamen Asia Gulf Hotel. The beautiful and comfortable place made everyone be happy.

"Thanksgiving, Share, Change, Innovation", is the theme of the ceremony also the culture of our company. Thanksgiving to this great era, thanksgiving to the customers trust, thanksgiving to every staff’s share, to make Four-Faith company growth high speed every year. The rapid changing of the IoT makes the Four-Faith to do innovation to be the leader in the field.



Thanksgiving and Share -- series of self-growth speech and year-end awards ceremony

In the harvest of fruit, we invited the guests to share their joy and success.


The famous lecturer Liu Jixing of Tongbo human resources management, shared the speech of staff career planning and development, from the three key factors of career planning, employee career planning graph with typical cases, sharing with guidance and operational methods of career planning.


Xiamen Taipingyan temple Changbei mage shared some buddhist meditation therapy, let everybody learn to face and reading themselves in their own life and work. Changbei mage used his meaningful philosophical wisdom to tell us only keep the calm and optimistic mind, life will become more beautiful.


Continue to be good, finally closer to happiness. Four-Faith people under the influence of traditional culture, learned to love people, not only responsible in the work and, and also actively participated in social public welfare. The invitation of Chinese traditional culture disseminator Liming Shi to do "Traditional culture and to build happiness enterprise" the theme of the speech, brought the filial piety culture to the Four-Faith. Mr. Shi generous to share with his own experience to spread filial piety virtue, inspired the heart of people.


The season of thanksgiving, all love need to say out bravely. At the annual ceremony, the award gainer of research and development innovation award, market pioneer award, high quality prize, excellent manager award, outstanding award, general manager award, outstanding project team award commended by the company, the most sincere congratulations and the most enthusiastic applause belong to the diligent enterprising people.

Thinking and change strategy, innovation and development, "Four Centers" was formally established, promote to the innovation as the main line approach of work

Review 2014, Four-Faith products have been into more than 50 countries and regions, providing products and services for industry construction of Internet of things. Discovery 2015, in view of the Internet, mobile Internet, big data and industrial 4.0, new model and new industry brought more market demand, Four-Faith actively thinking and innovation, organization structure adjustment comprehensively, four centers ( create center, profit center, service center, manufacturing center) and  two vertical industry departments (the water conservancy informatization department, WIFI media department) as new system, active docking themarket demand, creating more vitality of the ecosystem.


Famous calligrapher bless Four-Faith to up to a new level.


The responsible person of creative center, profit center, service center, manufacturing center, sharing their thanking and inspiration about the customer as the center to provide professional reliable products and services.


The responsible person of the water conservancy informatization department, WIFI media department were reviewing the work of the past year and sharing specific work plans in 2015 at the annual meeting.


All sorts of clever and craftsmanship of the programs made the atmosphere of the venue again to a climax time and time. Such as sweet and beautiful dance, mischievous catwalk shows, melodious music solo, interesting pantomime performances, let all the people present all indulge in this wonderful feast.

Goodbye, 2014!

2015 has set sail and coming, "Thanksgiving, Share, Change, Innovation" Four-Faith people are creating new brilliance!

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