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Four-Faith, Strengthen the Love for Hometown

In China history, there has been long traditional culture of hometown. The culture nurtured from hometown land, and contains the power of acting goodness. Hometown, love for hometown and homesickness are the most beautiful feelings of wanderers. Nowadays, we are facing the reality of quick losing our tradition and a land where we can hardly breathe, these make us stand together and build up the last fortress for traditional culture. Protecting tradition and spread its core values would also set up an example for new village construction.


Recently, 2014 love hometown culture festival was hosted in Fuzhou. This Festival was co-held by country construction center of RUC and village construction college of FAFU, Four-Faith sponsored on it. Scholars and researchers stayed together and discussed on how to develop new agriculture in new era.


Only with love for hometown, can there be new agriculture. The activity focused on social participation and agricultural innovation, calling upon people to record hometown appearance, life and people, and then to discover the beauty of hometown, reflect current society and enhance recognition on hometown culture. In the end, to push hometown culture renaissance and the protection of hometown.


Meanwhile, ceremony for 2014 love hometown person of the year had been held. The moral power showed by them is very useful in educating and village culture reconstruction.

To express thanks to these hometown lovers, and to spread their spirit, the story of 2014 love hometown person of the year was published. Wish there will be more people who like them, love hometown and being practitioner of our core values.


When the whole society is addicted in money and power, please let us retrospect and see our inner hearts. We will find the power of hometown, maybe it is a local melody, or a clean brook which runs through your home, or it is the humble smiling faces of our neighborhoods...Please cherish them, we will find our responsibility and then find ourselves back in this polluted world. The future of humans can be expected if we can find our clear and lovely characters back.

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