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Four-Faith attend Water Expo China

On Dec 2th to Dec 5th, Water Expo China will be held on Beijing, which is held by China Institute of Water Resources. 320 enterprise from 25 countries will attend this expo, the products displaying includes water conservancy facility, informatization and automation and will bring the participants forefront of industry trends, development analysis and prospect.


Wireless technology contributes to the water conservancy

With the emerge of 3G/4G. The water conservancy information can be obtained only by tapping the water conservancy system on the phone.


F2464 WCDMA RTU,WCDMA remote terminal unit,3G wireless remote terminal unit

Four-Faith, IOT wireless communication leading enterprises,widely involved in water conservancy informatization and intelligent construction for many years. The F2464 WCDMA RTU products introduced in this expo integrates traditional hydrological and 2.5/3g/4g transmission function to realize the function of data collection, storage, display, control, alarm and transmission of  hydrology and water information. This terminal has got the industrial production license and comply with the relevant statute of hydrology.With open interface, which is convenient for secondary development and attracts many exhibitors and exhibition.


Three Solutions contributes to more effective water conservancy system

After many years engaged in the water conservancy industry,Four-Faith positively solve the problem of water information, insight and practical experience, accumulated the rich insight and practical experience against floods, urban waterlogging, and the problem of soil pollution.Three solutions are launched  to provide users with a full range of products and platform, with which the customer can have the ability to "Devise strategies within a command to win a victory thousands miles away."

Mountain torrent disaster video monitoring system

Based on follow features, mountain flood disasters in the basin area is small, confluence time is short, storm surge can easy cause flash floods,collapses,landslides,this system can realize the real time and continuous monitoring of the major rivers and water level in key areas by GIS technology , data acquisition, information managing technology and communication technology.

Soil moisture wireless monitoring system

Soil moisture wireless monitoring system can work automatically in open air to realize the automatic data transmission , analysis and statistics of soil moisture data including soil temperature, soil conductivity, soil PH, groundwater table, groundwater quality, the air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall and other information.

Urban waterlogging flood control and monitoring system

Urban waterlogging flood control and monitoring system can realize the waterlogging disaster early warning,providing technical support for the urban flood control,drainage scheduling and reduction decision

Those three solutions using wireless communication as the data transmission channels to ensure the staff can obtain the disaster information and early warning information not restricted to the time,space. The expo attracted many domestic and international famous brand enterprises. Many foreign clients came to visit four-faith’s booth to negotiate business.

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