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Four-Faith on the 15th International Exhibition Electric Power Equipment

According to the 12th Five-Year Plan, by 2015, our country electric power industry will reach 5.3 trillion RMB, the installed capacity will reach 1.47 billion kilowatts, the power consumption will reach 6.3 trillion KWH. With the use of new technologies such as information and communication technology greatly motivated the transformation of electric power industry. Adhere to the development of intelligent and energy conservation, insist on the power grid construction, adhere to the innovation of electrical equipment, will become the mainstream of the electric power industry development, and bring infinite new opportunities for market.

From October 22th to 24th, the 15th International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology sponsored by the China Electricity Council was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. The exhibition with "Intelligent, Energy Saving, New Opportunities" as the theme, to gathered more than 800 enterprises from 17 countries and regions, fully reflects the advanced level of current power industrial equipment and technology in the world.


Four-Faith as the leader of IoT wireless communication, participated in the event with the attitude of innovation, focus to show the company in view of the application requirements of the electric power industry to make power wireless communication terminal products and innovative solutions.


Understand wireless communication, and understand more about power system network, is different from previous years, as practitioners of wireless communication of the electric power industry, Four-Faith comprehensive introduction the application of wireless communication products in electric power industry, including a variety of application solutions in the field such as power generation, power distribution, substation. Such as transmission circuit distribution monitoring, distribution column switch monitoring, automatic power distribution network, monitoring and reactive power compensation of FTU feeder, wind power and solar power detection, automatic power distribution cabinet form a complete set of reactive power compensation, inverter monitoring, etc. At present, the company products have been widely applied at home and abroad in 50 countries and regions.


Four-Faith through comprehensive display our products and solutions in the power industry, made the personage inside course have more direct and deeper understanding the company's products and technology. Particularly worth mentioning is that the Four-Faith Communication specifically launched the electric power data transmission terminal and embedded ZigBee module for the electric power industry, attracted people gathered themselves together, and constantly blossom a unique luster at the fair.


Electric power data transmission terminal is suitable for distribution network automation system, distribution network automation station terminal (DTU), distribution network automation feeder terminal (FTU), reclosing controller, boundary between users switch controller, circuit breaker switch cabinets controller application. Safe and reliable products, suit for electric adverse environments, compatible with the important main platform protocol of electric power industry, support Modbus RTU/TCP protocol and custom UDP communication protocol, support multiple centers, TCP Server, allow the creation performance of TCP link to DTU serial communication, has serviced for many domestic famous enterprises, has won the acceptance of many systems integrators, the shows on scene won the great concern from the new and old customers.

Embedded ZigBee module, as the very suitable module for smart grid applications, mainly used in electric power measuring temperature, power meter, energy monitoring, online fault detection, substation monitoring system, at the scene also attracted many customers to have a look at the product, small size, environmental protection, low consumption, convenient networking, these are the core different factors of the products from others, there were customers booked the product on the scene.

By participating in the electric power industry event, Four-Faith not only showed to the industry comprehensive wireless communication product lines and solutions of the electric power industry, and proved to the world that the company is opening a new chapter of wireless communication technology in electric power industry by the practical action. In the face of new market opportunities of electric power development, Four-Faith will continue to innovation, depending on the customers’ demand as own duty, constantly research new technology and products, promote the construction of smart grid.

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