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Much better than WuRen mooncake!to enjoy a happy reunion Mid-Autumn Festival with the same moon


Annually Mid-Autumn Day is coming, looking at the no creativity, no feel and contains a variety of additives of mooncakes on the mall make everyone tired. So, canteen made the decision to do mooncakes by themselves this year, they made the unique, healthy and delicious mooncakes for the staffs.


The company paid great attention to mooncake making, from the raw materials purchasing to the whole production process ware been strictly controled. This time more than 300 jin mooncakes on the food materials ware carefully chosen. Main materials of cooking oil, flour, selected the national famous brand material, lotus paste, egg yolk, fruit pie, purple potato, eggs etc. fresh materials, also selected the best quality manufacture brand, to ensure the pure taste, definitely no additives, to let staffs eat at ease.

“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” was written on every mooncake bag, Administration Department colleagues gave to every staff individually, and each mooncake had a warm test.


By report, in order to let everyone eat mooncake before Mid-Autumn Day, cook Qiu and cook Zhu of canteen initiative to give up weekend, overtime worked for mooncakes. Did more than 300 jin mooncakes for more than 100 staffs in company, to ensure everyone can enjoy the healthy and delicious mooncake together with family   at the Mid-Autumn Day.

This kind of ice skin mooncake is the most popular, taste tender and smooth, elastic slightly. Pure relish, sweet and delicious, taste is more cool and refreshing, not so sweet, not too greasy, everyone ate spoke highly of the cook.


Four-Faith takes the healthy canteen construction as an important aspect of company culture construction, not only to solve the problem of staff dining, also build a “staff leisure center” “the cradle of the birth of delicious food” indeed, is popular by staffs.


Over the years, the company keeps improving the level of service staff, from the most realistic, most concerned, most direct things, does a good job in everyday’s free lunch, afternoon dessert; holds “May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day” sent warm activities etc. every year, to continuously meet the needs of staffs, this DIY mooncake let everyone feel the warm happiness from stomach to heart.

Through the sweet mooncake, Four-Faith also wish to convey blessings to each staff’s family member, let’s stop busy footsteps, to enjoy a happy reunion Mid-Autumn Festival with the same moon.

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