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Four-Faith communication passed ISO9001 Quality Management System


August 7-9th, 2014 ISO9001 Quality Management System Audit team of experts visited Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. For audit guidance, four-faith Deputy General Manager, Sales Director, Quality Assurance Manager, R&D Manager, Production manager, accompanied the audit.


The group of experts by listening to the report, investigation records, sampling products, respectively, for management review documents, human resources, hardware and software products and services,  achieve data analysis, design and development, procurement process, customer satisfaction, control of nonconforming product carried out a careful and meticulous strict specification audit.


Audit team of experts and heads of relevant departments to communicate face to face, check out quality running documents and data records, and to conduct on-site inspections of all workshops, departments to collect adequate information bases, combined with the norms and standards for evaluation.

In the supervision and examination , the audit team reached a consensus : that the Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., according to ISO9001 standards can establish, implement and maintain documented management system, with the ability to continue to achieve the stated objectives ; quality of products can continue meet the requirements of customers, employees and the community ; comply with national regulations and standards , contractual requirements.

Audit group affirmed on Four-Faith Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. quality management communication, valuable comments and suggestions for future work are presented. Four-faith communication will continue to maintain and the innovation of the quality system, improve the quality of company management level.

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