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Four-Faith Has Been Invited Electric Power Corporation


On August 21 - 23, 2014, by the National Power System Management and Information Exchange sponsored Standardization Technical Committee, Tianjin Electric Power Corporation and co- hosted the fifth Purcell Media Distribution Automation Technology Forum in the beautiful coastal city of Tianjin, concluded. The forum is based on the current development of distribution automation, "Use and distribution of new technology to build smart distribution grid" as the theme, invite the State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Company, Electric Power Research Institute, each network Provincial Power Company, research and design units leadership, well-known experts, scholars, Power Grid Corporation on behalf of nearly 500 people to discuss the smart distribution grid construction and technology trends. Four-Faith with the electricity distribution network communications products and applying the latest case was invited to participate in this forum.

Distribution Automation is an essential distribution network building among a ring. According to statistics, in 2012 , the coverage of distribution automation level less than 15%, while the distribution automation level of developed countries have reached more than 50%. With the construction of the smart grid , the State Grid Corporation of China to promote the work and efforts in building a distribution network is very large. State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Company have generous " Huihaopomo " distribution network construction, distribution automation ushered in a second construction boom.


Secretary-General of the national power system management and information exchange Standardization Technical Committee Zhang Yuan on behalf of the organizers released the official welcoming, Director of the State Grid Corporation of power distribution grid companies at Lee as a representative of the General Assembly speech. The forum is brilliant, one of the " self-healing distribution network and interactive applications ", " Distribution Equipment Technology and Application", "distribution of information, communications and security " and other meetings sparked intense discussion. Professional representatives and distribution areas of outstanding corporate technology development is currently in its distribution network construction carried out, product applications and other aspects of lessons learned and made an important speech products.


Data transfer as a domestic industrial wireless communication with the smart grid information technology leader, a comprehensive display of the Four-Faith in this meeting 4G / 3G / 2.5G industrial wireless power communication terminals, distribution automation systems and fault location system solution.


The audience flocked to the Four-Faith booth stopped to watch, to see exhibitors power communication terminal, the functional characteristics of the product, structural principles, etc. interact with the four letters staff. F2X14 low-power IP MODEM, F2X03 IP MODEM, ZigBee modules and other products to support the power-related statute, wisdom, standards, safe, reliable and effective for various aspects of the power grid to provide important technical support, information security can achieve stable and reliable transmission, co-processing, unified services and application integration, received wide acclaim guests.


Delegates and Four-Faith distribution network engineer for project solutions depth exchanges, high-quality products, improve the program and professional answers received praise, warm atmosphere .

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