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Four-Faith WIFI advertisement operating system on CommunicAsia2014


On 17th Jun 2014, The Singapore International Communications and Information Technology Exhibition and Conference (CommunicAsia2014) once a year the grand opening in the Sands Expo Singapore downtown. The exhibition is the largest exhibition of Asia ICT industry, come together the world's leading operators, service providers, system integrators and manufacturers on the same stage, demonstrate the industry's latest solutions and most advanced technologies and products, and held several technical exchanges and seminars, has become the development direction of Asian communication industry landmark exhibition.

In the communication field, Southeast Asia area is one of the most actively markets, Four-Faith has for four successive years in the CommunicAsia, achieved good response. This year, Four-Faith with the latest industry new product appear again, core display Four-Faith WIFI advertisement operating system and the industry's latest solutions.


Four-Faith “WIFI operating system”major apply in vehicle mobile environment,fixed point of public facilities. System consists of hardware terminal and operation platform, fusion technology, advanced communication technology and mobile Internet, with 4G transfer WIFI way to achieve rapid deployment and signal coverage. Support the crowd and WIFI Internet access, with a massive storage space and strong operation platform.

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The full sense of science and technology of the whole "WIFI operating system" image wall design attracted batch after batch from the world of VIP stopped to visit and exchange, including some important customers of Four-Faith Communication in Southeast Asia. They are very interested in Four-Faith Communication new products,new technologies and solutions,as related issues depth communication and exchanges with business personnel and technical engineer,agreed to the Four-Faith in the technology,market, service and other aspects of the progress in recent years,also expressed to strengthen communication and cooperation intention with the Four-Faith Communication.

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Through extensive international exchanges and cooperation, continue to promote Four-Faith network wireless communication products in the international market share and brand awareness. Demonstrate the exhibition scene on the cellular communication products, ZigBee products, vehicle products, multimedia application products are also favored by the customers, many European and American customers come to buy sample. Through on-site demonstrations and image of the Four-Faith staff to explain to attract a lot of visitors an interactive experience.


Through the years efforts and growth , great breakthroughs have been made in the Four-Faith communication of overseas markets, strong growth. At present, Four-Faith for more than 50 countries and regions of the customers provide "wisdom, standard, safety, reliable “wireless communication service", products widely used on transportation, finance, electric power, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology, tax and other fields. With the rapid development of global communication industry, Four-Faith communication will further enhance the innovation ability and service ability, increasing internationalization and international market development efforts, and strive to enhance the core competence in the global competition.

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