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Four-Faith Communication will participate in the Xiamen international Internet of things fair


The 2014 Xiamen international Internet of things fair on May 16~-18,2014 for three days to be held in Xiamen exhibition center. Fair in order to "information consumption, complex life" as the theme, with the technology exchange, exhibition, trade, exchange, achievement docking site experience as the main way, the IOT industry set up technical exchanges, the outcome of the docking and application platform for the purpose, focus on

the wisdom of the community, the medical wisdom, wisdom education,municipal wisdom, wisdom trade logistics, intelligent transportation, smart security, smart environment, networking components and other products.

The Internet of things, as the name suggests, is a complex associative network, in recent years, the technology of the Internet of things is exponentially growing influence character by environment, and has changed people's lives. Can be said that the Internet represents a class of equipment, McKinsey has defined them "can be used to monitor the surrounding environment, report their state, accept commands or tasks, and even take actions according to the received information." Once the material objects associated realize,home furnishing automation, intelligent temperature and air conditioning, traffic management, senior care, security system, car network and network advertisement such as a large number of commercial use will follow close on succession.

As the Internet of things the field of wireless communication solutions and products provider, Four-Faith communication has been working to build a platform for wireless communication terminal units and the industry, through the extensive cooperation with industry system integrators and electronic supplier, provide suitable for different sectors of the complex network solutions and remote management system, to ensure the stable and reliable communication, fully improve customer's operation efficiency, greatly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of customer.

Then Four-Faith Communication will be unveiled at the 2014 Xiamen international Internet of things fair, booth number is A63, will display the network wireless communication the latest products, technology and application solutions, including smart grid, intelligent transportation, water conservancy, wisdom of financial, medical, will give exhibitors audience to find everything fresh and new experience.

Welcome new and old customers, integrators, contractors, industry professionals, media friends to the Four-Faith Communication booth to visit and guide, visit the exhibition, to visit our booth to experience Internet of things apply trip.

The exhibition date: May 16~-18,2014

The exhibition name: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center China

Booth No.: A63

Show map:


Four-Faith Booth No.:


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