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Four-Faith 4G wireless routers used in Chongqing “safe city” project


Recently, the four-faith Industrial 4G routers successfully passed the test of Chongqing "Safe City" project , will be installed on the lines of recent use .

Chongqing required expanded video surveillance points, upgrading existing video surveillance system , the formation of a citywide public -frequency information management system for the Chongqing public security management, urban management, traffic management, emergency command and provide support , taking into account disaster warning, safety monitoring , environmental monitoring and protection and other needs .

Due to the current video transmission wiring inconvenience and 3G network bandwidth does not meet the requirements and other reasons, resulting distribution is not flexible , the transmission is not ideal and other issues. Four-Faith Communication through independent research and development of high performance 4G wireless router , to work with the Chongqing region partners succeeded in solving these problems.

A major innovation of this "Safe City" video surveillance project is : All wireless video surveillance unit are all removable and can be based on the current monitor urban situation to a reasonable distribution, be able to monitor the equipment readily transferred to the need to monitor location , greatly improving the mobility equipment , flexibility and efficient use of .


Meanwhile , it is the first time used the 4G wireless network for video transmission in such mobile video surveillance project, greatly improving the clarity and stability of the video .

In the coming days, Chongqing " Safe City" will be the construction of hundreds of thousands of various types of video surveillance points with Four-Faith 4G router.

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