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Four-Faith attend 4th China Mobile Medical Industry Conference

Since 2012, China's mobile medical market increased from less than 200 million yuan to 2.84 billion yuan. By 2016, this figure will exceed 70 billion yuan and exceed 12.5 billion in 2017. At the 4th China Mobile Medical Industry Conference and the 2nd wisdom healthcare China Forum held on April 2 to 3, the spokesman from the Ministry of Information Industry and Industry and Information Technology Promotion Division disclosed the data for the first time and pointed out that the development of mobile health will enter the ‘fast track’.


The conference brought together well-known mobile medical technology companies, to share wisdom of industrial medical outcomes, and to explore the development trend of mobile healthcare. Zhang Xinsheng, vice chairman and secretary general of China Institute of Communications, said at the meeting that it is very important to the healthy development of medical wisdom this year. Wisdom medical and mobile medical are essential part to promote information consumption as a national strategic plan - integration and intelligence has become a trend of industrial development. He believes that today we are facing the informationization constantly deepening, facing the great opportunity of the Internet, networking, cloud computing, big data integrative development, The new generation of the Internet with broadband, intelligent features, especially with the integration of the industry, have brought huge challenge for the industries. Medical wisdom, will be achieved to improve people's health and people's overall health level to a high level stage.

Development and improvement of healthcare information system and communication technology achieve physician rounds, patient care, pharmacists dispensing and distribution, medical equipment management and real-time monitoring, drug inventory management, electronic medical records and other functions, and wireless communication terminal is movable and convenient access that breaking the limitation of traditional wired networking deployment, and help to upgrade medical wisdom networking.


Four-Faith is a leading company of wireless communication field of IOT, Zigbee products present in this conference have the features of low power consumption, stable and reliable data transmission, communication distance up to 3KM, several management platform, easy for secondary development, etc., was unanimously praised by the experts and visitors.

Currently, Four-Faith ZigBee products have been successfully combined with a variety of intelligent medical applications, such as electronic rounds, vital signs monitoring, remote medical monitoring, medical equipment monitoring, etc. The hospital information system connects variety of peripheral medical devices by wireless network to help health care professionals to achieve communication at any time, real time monitor patients, and timely access the information to make a diagnosis quickly.

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