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Transmission warm! Four-faith communication donates the bird’s nest library

Recently, Xia Men four-faith communication technology CO Ltd. Has donate a batch bird’s nest library(inculeding supporting books), will install in community、school、village、urban village、park、station、hospital、bank and office block, etc, supply free borrow for reader.

The bird’s nest library is a public welfare library, the shape likes cabinet woodiness birdcage, with more than 20 books neatly placed insided. People can share the books of their favorite. When use the bird’s nest libary, people needs to abide principle ( take a book, return a book), all day free for everybody.


The bird’s nest library’s idea is: believef、share、and transfer by books, every love and every warm be transfered every corner, likes big trees root hair, touch the world、feel the world、beautified the world by bird’s nest. The wish of bird’s nest plan:with city leads rural, in the country、city、street、corner、community、campus、building、park、station、hospital and others crowds gather、where the flow can see the bird’s nest library everywhere.


Up to April 2014, the bird’s nest plan organization has already set up total 18 miniature library both inside and outside xiamen, service for thousands of readers. Four-faith communication donation the bird’s nest library the two of them has install complete in xiamen software park , such a mini library, cause many friends, and many readers praise:warm bird’s nest, transmission positive energy.


Mr Gorky said:“Books are the ladder of human progreess”.For anyone, read books the biggest benefit is: it makes people to learn knowledge, makes the ignorant man become awareness. Four-faith communication hopes by bird’s nest library expand, further promoting the nationwide reading books, to add cultural atmosphere of city. Expect more people longitudinal knowledge ocean, share and transmission happiness of read.

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