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How to build harmonious living and working atmosphere

The rapid development of society, and accelerating space of life due to the increasing pressure.How to build harmonious living and working atmosphere, show concern for the psychological health and enable the staffs work with pleasure has been the key part of the construction for happiness enterprise

To let the staff keep a health and positive attitudes towards life and work, Four-Faith invite the famous emotion expert Ms You to give a lecture about the emotional management and rational emotive therapy.


Ms You is humous, and tell how to deal with the pressures in life and work with examples in his own life


Through Ms You’s share,Four-Faith staff has a better understanding about the pressure and emotion, and get hold of some skills of dealing with emotion and pressures.


Then in the afternoon, Four-Faith participate another training regarding the new products function and application.


During the course, Four-Faith partner share some classical case about vehicle application. The high rise of Four-Faith give a detail explanation and analysis on the advantage of Four-Faith products.

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