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Four-Faith Communication for the Eleventh International Water Advanced Technology

On March 28th,2014,the Eleventh International Water Advanced Technology Products Promotion was successfully held in Beijing. The promotion was guided by Water Department International Cooperation and Technology Department, was held by Water Department Technology Promotion Center. From the Ministry of water resources at all levels of the management units, scientific research units, the domestic advanced technology of water conservancy and product 114 referral units nearly a thousand delegates attended,Promotion will be provided with water-saving irrigation technology, water conservancy project construction and management and water high-tech 3 special and water ecological civilization construction development forum. Should China Ministry of water resources science and technology promotion center invited, Four-Faith Communication carry telemetry terminal and water conservancy industry to participate in this promotion classic case.


In the water conservancy informatization application field, Four-Faith with a complete product line layout, including special router, water conservancy wireless IP Modem, wireless RTU, wireless GPS terminal, ZigBee terminal, mountain torrents disaster warning broadcast equipment and other products, the product failure free operation time in the industry, the industry was identified as the outstanding product providers and trustworthy partner.


The Four-Faith Communication will promote the scene shows the telemetry terminal RTU, water business comprehensive solution including: soil moisture wireless monitoring system, real-time monitoring system for water resources, groundwater monitoring system, the flood water disaster remote monitoring system of pumping station remote monitoring system, reservoir and other classic case, products and solutions attracting water conservancy industry experts, scholars, integrators and provinces and cities and watershed related concerns, participants have Four-Faith technology engineers communicate the latest technology of water conservancy project cooperation and communication.

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