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Four-Faith were invited to attend the fifth peak distribution automation technology and application

The fifth BBS distribution automation technology application
Aug 21-23, 2015           
Tianjin, China
Sponsor: The national electric power system management and information exchange standardization technical committee
Help sponsor: Tianjin electric power company
Contractor: Saie media

On August 21 ~ 23, managed by the national electric power system and its information exchange standardization technology committee, Tianjin electric power company, Saie media to undertake the fifth distribution automation technology BBS in the beautiful coastal city of Tianjin.

This BBS is based on the current development of distribution automation, to "using the new technology of power distribution, construction of intelligent distribution network" as the theme, invite the state grid corporation, southern power grid company, electric power research institute, the net provincial electric power companies, scientific research and design units, well-known experts, scholars, the leadership of the power grid company on behalf of nearly 500 people to discuss the intelligent distribution network construction and the technology development trend. Four-Faith communication with electric power communication products and distribution network application of the latest case were invited to join this BBS.
The national electric power system management and information exchange standardization technical committee secretary general Zhang Guanyuan published on behalf of the organizers of the welcome speech, commissioner of state grid corporation distribution Li Long for speech as a representative of the power grid companies.

This BBS, the "distribution network self-healing and interactive applications", "distribution equipment technology and application", "distribution information, communication and security protection" meeting triggered a heated discussion. Distribution of outstanding enterprises in the field of professional representatives in its current in distribution network construction of technical development, product application and experience and product display made an important speech.
As domestic industrial communication and smart grid wireless informatization leading enterprise, Four-Faith on full display in the meeting's industrial-grade 4 G / 3 G / 2.5 G wireless electric power communication terminal, the power distribution automation system and the fault location system of data transmission solution.

Present guests to Four-Faith in a booth stand to watch, view the company of the electric power communication terminal, has the function of the product characteristics, structure principle, and so on and so forth and Four-Faith staff interaction. Four-Faith F2X14 IP MODEM, F2X03 IP MODEM, low power consumption ZigBee module, etc. Series of products, support power relevant statute, wisdom, standard, safe, reliable, each link to provide important technical support for power grid effectively, can realize the information safe, reliable, stable transmission, cooperative management, unified service and application integration, guest's widespread high praise.

The representatives for distribution network with Four-Faith engineer project has carried on the depth of communication solutions, high-quality products, perfect plan and professional answer get consistent high praise, the atmosphere is warm.

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