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Enjoy speed and passion! Four-Faith have participated in the Xiamen Software Park Marathon

The arrival of spring always seems to in a moment, in the past few days cleared, we suddenly found that warm up in the face of the wind, the roadside flowers, are expected to add more color, look up the sky began to always blue... And for Xiamen Software Park Phase II small partners who, on April 20, officially and spring started dating, Xiamen Software Park, the tenth "Kehua" healthy marathon cup in the software park kicked off, the park in more than 100 enterprises 2000 more than enterprise employee passion for running. Run the music movement with the wind, how can our athletes miss!

The starting point for a photo, full of confidence

Sharp eyed partners found, for the marathon race site and several sets of Four-Faith customer to prepare new energy charging pile equipment, on-site patrol cars free of charge service, wonderful!


This year's contestants a change, men more and women less phenomenon, a lot of girls, for the current marathon to add a beautiful scenery line.


Starting point of the Pentium, the process of smiling face, the end of the meeting, is running to give us a full touch and enjoy.

Completion of the game, is to their endurance and toughness of the greatest affirmation, to participate in is a success. In Four-Faith, 2016 small partners are full of confidence and play, has been running on the road, Fighting!


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