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Four-Faith: Observe Contract and Keep Promise, Guardian with Integrity for Entrepreneurial Beginner’s Mind

Four-Faith got a good news to share with you.

Recently, annual power industry event Fourth Designers and Users Preferred Brand Selection award ceremony was held in Beijing, and Xiamen Four-Faith was awarded enterprise title Observe Contract and Keep Promise.

Award scene

The selection of electrical industry to select the most responsible brand, expressed in detail as:

1. The brand has a certain influence in the industry.

2. The brand integrity of the law.

3. The brand's product is energy saving and environmental protection.

4. Adhering to the spirit of providing good service for employees and users.

5. Be able to care for vulnerable groups in the community , contribute its own strength of the brand.to promote the harmonious development of society.


Voted by the design institute and the user, finally Four-Faith got this award, it is the industry's recognition for Four-Faith, but also the proof of strength

Four-Faith general manager Liao from Beijing office accepting the award

Stick to simple honesty, is Four-Faith’s management background

Four-Faith is a collection of integrity, trust, confidence and belief.

What is integrity? Four-Faith people say that integrity is to help people and doing things in good faith, honesty and credibility. We do what we said, and there must be good results. Our words correspond with our action, and as good as gold. Therefore, the integrity of the original meaning is to be honest, sincere, trustworthy, faith, and against fraudulent, against fake and against fraud. No matter internal or external, the characters we have or the things we do all need the plain integrity.

Integrity, to lay a solid foundation for the spinning development of Four-faith

Four-Faith was founded in 2008. Until 2016, product line has covered the wisdom of electricity, water conservancy, M2M and other fields. Also Four-Faith has provided Internet terminal products and services for the 50+ countries. In the wisdom of the power sector, Four-Faith people in-depth insight into the smart grid transmission, substation, power distribution, power applications in all aspects of the application of Internet of things, focus on providing power networking terminal products, cloud platform, solutions to assist customers to achieve power equipment intelligent networking, intelligent monitoring and intelligent management.

In the development process of leap type, Four-Faith people always adhere to being integrity, it’s the value and the background of Four-Faith.

Sales Team of Four-Faith

Product Line of Four-Faith

Smart Grid production Line of Four-Faith

Integrity-based, Guard entrepreneurial beginner’s mind, realize the dream of brand

Great brand comes from dream, dream is the development direction of brand. Four-Faith use integrity to make a strong wings on the brand, and follow the faith of sincerity to gather powerful guiding force, cohesive force and charisma to join with industrial chain partner for better future and mutual development.

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