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Crazy! Four-Faith 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake Game party

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming again! Four-Faith company held the party on 19th, Sept. 2015 to celebrate the festival, everyone gather together and play the traditional custom activity Moon Cake Game.

Once everyone is seated around the table, players take turn rolling six dice into the large porcelain bowl until all the prizes are gone.
The grand prize, called Zhuangyuan, represent No. 1 scholar. The dice keep rolling and everyone determined to get it.
Once a Zhuangyuan appear, the banquet hall immediately full of shouting, applause, passion.
Most of the Zhuangyuan are girls this year. Four fours with two ones is considered the luckiest Zhuangyuan. At last, all Zhuangyuan to play the dice again to chase the Top King. Engineer Mr. Yang finally got the luckiest Zhuangyuan and got the ultimate prize.
After the Moon Cake Game, the dinner began. Everyone toasts, eat and chat happily.

Also, there was a link called ‘ the most lovely baby’ in the party! Parents show their babies photos, and everyone voted for the most lovely baby. All babies are so cute.
Dinner gradually draws to the end, everyone carrying bags full of prize. At the same time, we also feel the collective warm friendship and nice festive atmosphere! On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, Four-Faith all staff to wish friends a happy Mid-Autumn festival and have a best of health and spirits!

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