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Four-Faith Communication Sincerely Invite You to Visit 2015 China Water Exposition


Frankfurt Co., Ltd., jointly organized by China water resources institute and the 2015 China water exposition on November 18 to 20, 2015 at the China international exhibition center in Beijing Shunyitianzhu (new hall). As the most authoritative, the most professional domestic wading industry exposition, the water exposition covers wading the shole industry chain, seven exhibition display involves a lot of new technology and new products, including the management of water resources, water conservancy informationization, water diversion project, water pollution control, water ecological construction, water supply and drainage, and other fields.

Four-Faith communication, a leading Chinese Internet wireless communication enterprises, over the years, broad participation to the construction of water conservancy and intelligence information, driven by innovation, to apply to promote research and development, has accumulated rich industry insight and experience. Mountain torrent disaster non-engineering measures in construction, urban water logging monitoring and early warning, monitoring, small and medium-sized rivers hydrology and water resources of small and medium-sized reservoir monitoring, soil moisture monitoring obtained several national patents, the ministry of water resources is recommended to use products, such as honor. Products are widely used in various areas of water conservancy information construction unit project, actively assist the watershed managers, owners, system integrators and other parties to solve problem of water information, in order to promote China’s contributions to wisdom and water conservancy construction.

The exhibition Four-Faith communication will launch new 3G RTU products - the three big one station, video image product can collect real-time rainfall, water level, image/video monitoring data, and can pass the 3G/4G, ADSL, satellite terminal and ultrashort wave digital radio data sent to the monitoring management center at the same time, can be widely used in small and medium-sized reservoirs, mountain flood warming, monitoring and other fields of application of medium and small rivers.

Water rainfall regime monitoring station

Welcome the general new and old customers, integrators, engineering, business, industry professionals, media friends visit Four-Faith booth.
Date: Nov. 18-20, 2015
Add: Beijing national convention center (the wenyu river in Shunyi district, tianzhu airport city)
Booth: E18 (Hall E1)

2015 China water exposition plan E1) on the floor plan

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