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Good try! Remember Four-Faith to participate tug of war in 2016 Xiamen Software Park

On January 14th afternoon, a committee sponsored by Xiamen city development zone, electronic information, Xiamen information group innovation software park management company to undertake the tug of war in the software park attract nearly 20 enterprises, more than 300 employees involved.

Four-Faith team came to the stadium early, ahead of the warm-up and strikers. The basketball court is buzzing, the athletes have high ambition to hand in waiting area.
Ringing the referee whistles, announced the official start of the group A tug of war. The games volunteers orderly arrangement athletes sign in the draw, for a start, the audience enthusiastic refueling cries echoed with the basketball court.

Rio DE team is stronger than Four-Faith team, although we know that the two sides unequal, but friends combative, each small universe outbreaks of appearance.

Athletes using cross stand on foot to enhance stability, and to increase the strength.

Four-Faith team with lung Rio DE team, both parties are ready. Prepare the referee blew the whistle, waving the red flag to show his game. The fierce confrontation, immediately with the biggest teams compete with each other on both sides, represents the string location markers with drag and move on both sides.

Four-Faith team clench, never give up, in the surrounding his colleagues cheerleading, do our best. Off the cheerleaders also muster all his strength, time chants, chanting, cheers, the scene is very warm.

Finally, Four-Faith by force of the Rio DE team failed to win the game, friends said after the game, "they are very strong, we have to go all out, throw in the towel, strengthening practice, after war" again next year.

Good try, but Four-Faith think, Four-Faith team have the courage to admit defeat, to learn, to become stronger. "Potential", throw in the towel will win. Learn from failure, suspend when encounter difficulties, learn to strategy, enhance strength, will eventually follow.

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