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Four-faith on the sponge city’s construction and the water environment pollution control

What’s the sponge city? Not the sponge bob , also not the city where sponge bob lives, it’s just a sponge city, a city which can breath. Do you know?


Sponge city, simplely to say is to make the city’s river, lake, underground water  systems’pollution control and the cologgical restoration together, make the city like the sponge,when it rains can absorp water ,when it become drought then make the water out, iyt can make the most use of  the natural power to drain the water, contribute the nature store up, the nature permate and the nature clean’s sponge city. President Xi said that we can solve the problem by seting up a sponge city which is with the nature store up, the nature permate and the nature clean.
Jan,19th, four-faith took the water informatization system to take part in the meeting which is about  the sponge city’s building and the water’s pollution control .
In the meeting, the four-faith Doctor  introduced our company’s system which is aim at the water’s environment cure and the standing water video image.
Four-faith city waterlogging for flood control and monitoring programme makes the full use of electronic monitor about the data of how much rains, water’s  level, water throughput, rainstorm seeper mathematical simulation, database and so on, it base on the GIS, make the use of rainstorm waterlogging mathmatic model to simulate the waterlogging disaster, to achieve the early warning, to make the technical support for the urban flood control and decrease the disaster’s decision.
Four-faith water video image station is by the gate, river way, control station, stritching room these important project area’s rain’s situation, video image these information to collect, deal with and transport, it can reflact the important running state of hydraulic facilities, water environment situation, it can also monitor the flood , drought, danger and the disasters in time, to achieve the full realize of teh share of the details and the informations, to provide the strong guarantee for the water project delicacy management.
The two water informatization system which the four-faith brought, won the praise form participants, meanwhile, the advanced informatization water environment cure idea which they come up with, also got the item ingetrator’s favor.

From the communicatin in scene, the four-faith partner and the meeting representative deeping the indrustrial policy ,size,found embarking and the monitor device’s most use  of to the sponge city’s building and the water’s environment pollution’s control,they will combine the recently IOT’s techonlogy to improve the research’s level, to provide more bility for the country’s career.

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