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Four-Faith won the "Famous Trademark Of Xiamen City "

Four-Faith won the  "Famous Trademark Of  Xiamen City " This honor is responsible for the organization of the Xiamen Administration for Industry


Xiamen City famous trademark brand building is a symbol of honor, by the Xiamen Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Agriculture Commission, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and other authorities in accordance with legal authority finds, for good quality of service has a considerable size or sales volume, market share, public recognition of a high degree of recognition of the corporate brand, the recognized trademark for 68 well-known trademarks in Xiamen City, valid for three years.

As a well-known international networking wireless communications products and solutions provider, has always focused on the Four-Faith Communication M2M communications technology research and application development, with more than 100 pieces of basic communication and application of core technology patents, used by over 40 M2M industry segments , millions of terminals simultaneously run online, providing products and services to more than 50 countries and regions.

This was "Xiamen City famous trademark," we find that not only embodies the "Four-Faith" brand in the industry's influence, but also reflects the majority of users of the "Four-Faith Communication" recognition. Division I will take this as an opportunity to drive product innovation and development, product development to enhance the competitiveness of the trademark; the same high-quality products and professional services to continue to promote the brand to enhance the credibility and reputation, and to further strengthen the "Four-Faith Communication "in the international market visibility and influence.

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