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Look at the four faith which products can be boarded Nirvana in Fire


Recently, Nirvana in Fire the domestic conscience play a real fire a, Mei Changsu also become the hearts of thousands of teenage girls Sue's brother, even kings Jing unprovoked the numerous Jing princess, stream boats cute and adorable guide is an absolute eye candy. Is even the marvelous Nirvana in Fire has also become the many rivers and lakes in the coveted, although the play has ended, the slaughter of the vote, but it is because of this toxic crew, for such a long time accumulation of fermentation, just let the Nirvana in Fire so successful, Four Faith products also toughened by meticulous research and development, today, launched 6 series of wireless communication, you and see what products can ascend the Nirvana in Fire?
1. Industrial wireless router

From the first 3g industrial router in four faith was born, in 2014, launched the comprehensive compatible with three carriers network of entire network routers, four faith router always have vaule, mature atmosphere, having both ability and political integrity of old male god.
Why we love it:
  • It is fully compatible with the three operators network, seven free communication system;
  • Industrial grade high-speed 4G module, real-time transmission of big data;
  • Cover - WIFI hot, high data throughput;
  • Provide more security deployment scheme, data transmission of financial standards;

2. IP MODEM product
IP MODEM is known as the four faith transformers series products, almost all of the application of case has its shadow, fulfill their duties, to iot wireless applications, all show the glorious image of hero!
Why we love it:

  • The whole industrial design, reliable network and data transmission;
  • The high stability, always online, multi center transmission;
  • Rich interface, F2X03 provides a standard RS232 interface and RS485 interface. F2X14 has 5 I/O interface;
  • The DIN guide rail type installation;
3. ZigBee products

Embedded ZigBee module, a small and exquisite, but young, responsible for the stable and reliable transmission of short distance, people say it is all in the applications of wireless communication!
Why we love it:

  • Having stamp hole and pin type two package;
  • open communication distance of 2km, support multi-level relay routing, the module can be remote batch configuration, is very conducive to the large network formation;
  • Industrial grade design, strong anti-interference ability, high temperature, dedicated to the harsh environment;
4. Power level embedded ip modem
Say "when a person focus on one goal, the whole world will give way for you." It is a special situation, in the power industry, with "dedicated, hard work, adhere to the" tenacity.
Why we love it:

  • The special power, power related protocol support
  • The embedded design, small volume, convenient customer equipment docking
  • "EMC  certification", strong adaptability
5. Telemetry terminal RTU
Ministry of water resources recommended the use of products, wholeheartedly for the water conservancy "diagnosis and early warning" contribution to the "wireless" power, water conservancy information platform called water monitoring of the eyes and ears.

 Why we love it:

  • The application in the national 20+ provinces of mountain flood warning project, through the acceptance rate of 100%, the first in the country
  • The national industrial products production license
  • The water conservancy, hydrology and water resources in accordance with relevant stipulations
  • The traditional telemetry terminal and wireless communication transmission functions
  • The acquisition, storage, display, control, alarm and transmission
6. WIFI operating system
It is based on the main communication entrance of the next wave of mobile internet virtual operators to provide the end to end (mobile and fixed) a station type solutions, civil and military, mind the world, wholeheartedly for the traditional media to open new ideas, new impetus.

Why we love it:

  • Focus on providing the city level, industry level large WIFI operation system
  • Provide software platform + terminal hardware one-stop solution
  • Powerful: local content management, advertising management, customer monitoring, monitoring equipment etc.
  • Rich case Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Thailand, Australia

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