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Internet + kiosks is on your side! Various application cases

In the big trend of "Internet +" , kiosks as news release carrier and function expansion method of convenient service industry, has been more and more attention from operating businesses , how to use modern communication technology to change traditional kiosks industry? How to upgrade network under different scenarios? Four-Faith will parse through a variety of practical application cases for you.

1. Self-help express ark in the community


As is known as the "bird box" domestic intelligence express ark in the neighborhood of penetration is higher and higher, intelligent express tank operating units hope to more and more "smart", the terminal can make unified management in the form of a wireless remote. Through Four-Faith 3G industrial router solved the problem of courier ark remote networking, instead of traditional way of cable transmission, deployment to bring convenience to express ark, completely solve the "last one hundred meters at the end of the logistics” terminal wireless networking and remote management problems.

2. Bank ATM machines

WCDMA Router F3436
Bank ATM machine, non-financial self-help products, more layout in subway stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, such as flow concentration areas, when the original cable network is not convenient to deploy to the kiosks, would require the application of wireless data transmission terminal form a wireless network to realize the self-service terminal and control center of information interaction, 3G/ 4G industrial router using VPN technology connected with the banking center and to ensure the safety of data reliability.

3. The ubiquity of self-help vending machine
The vending machine has become a fashion of life, networking mode adopted Four-Faith F3X24 3G router with the vending machine to build wireless networking, creating a transparent data channels with monitoring center server host. It is 24 hours of network monitoring, can be instant feedback vending machine and the current state of the goods, improve the vending machine fault response speed, to ensure the operating efficiency of the vending machine.

4. Self-help camera

Four-Faith 4G/3G wireless openwrt router F3X25 

Self-help camera use frequency is high, the stored data is big, easy to appear a little fault, in order to more effective management of self-help camera equipment, through the F3X27 industrial-class wireless router and automated cameras connected to the system with the monitoring center server host to establish a transparent data channels, realize self-help camera wireless networking system, solve all over the city of self-help camera wireless communications and networking equipment, improve the operational stability of terminal equipment and system, so as to improve the quality of convenient service.

5. Supermarket self-help terminal

Supermarket self-service terminals is supermarket cloud platform to achieve zero distance communication with customers, customers can through in self-service terminals on the theme of the game to get information, such as discount, membership card, complete easy shopping experience. Four-Faith 3G router used to implement the marketing advertisement, preferential information, consumer business, games, interactive services such as data interaction results.

Of course there are many variety of kiosks.
Self-help vending machine innovation fast at present, Four-Faith launch "intelligent router based on the electronic payment solutions” to cater to the current tide of “Internet + vending machine + mobile payments "of the new consumption patterns, assisted self-help vending machine operators to expand marketing business, big data to develop more value-added services, if you have any interested in detailed scheme, pls contact us!

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