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Invitation of Smart China Expo


Smart China Expo is co-sponsored by Chongqing Municipal People's Government, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and China Science and Technology Association.
The first Smart China Expo will be held from August 23 to 25 in Chongqing International Expo Center.
This Expo is based on the theme of “Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life”,focusing on "conference", "exhibition", "race" and "series activities", highlighting "digital industrialization, industrial digitalization", promoting the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, leading and supporting industrial transformation and upgrading, fostering growth Point, form kinetic energy, and promote high quality development.

FourFaith communication deep into the field of wireless communication for many years, It has accumulated rich knowledge and experience, possesses the most mature and comprehensive technology and product advantages, and provides industrial-grade wireless communication transmission equipment and provides overall solutions. As a pioneer in the industry, FourFaith Communication accept organizing committee’s request to attend this Expo.
Four-Faith will exhibit a series of wireless communication devices, including Industrial Router, 4G Smart IPC, IP Modem(DTU), DVR, loRa, NB-IoT, ZigBee, etc. Warmly welcome the customers and friends visit our booth--No025, Hall S7.

Application of F-R200 in AGV Robot

In the context of smart logistics, smart factories, the role of intelligent AGV robots will become even more important, and AGV will be the basis of unmanned factories and unmanned markets in the future.In addition, the application of AGV robots has begun to go to the people's livelihood project, and it has its presence in laboratories, shopping malls and other places.
1. The terminal robot is embedded in the FourFaith R200 industrial router. The R200 is used as a client in the WIFI LAN to receive and upload commands sent by the server or the handheld terminal device.
2. The network transmission equipment is composed of FourFaith R200 industrial router. Its main function is to serve as the server in WIFI LAN, and build a safe, real-time and stable data transmission channel for terminal robots and servers and handheld terminals.
3. The main work of the server is to receive and deliver the sensor data reported by the processing terminal robot, the radar scans the data, and performs data analysis. The handheld terminal sends the robot's walking route and cargo handling in the radar scan data.

Application of LoRa in Smart City

Smart cities by using network to share data to realize status monitoring, remote management, information grooming, interconnection, and data integration for a series of infrastructure such as parking lots, street lights, manhole covers, and fire fighting equipment in cities. As an IoT transmission terminal, the wireless communication module collects urban infrastructure data and transmits it to the management center, promotes the construction of urban intelligent interconnection, enhances urban management efficiency, and creates a safer and more sustainable urban environment; Interconnection between things and people.

Solution Features:

The wireless network based on FourFaith LoRa has the advantages of no traffic fee, no wiring, no break-through application, large networking capacity, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption. The FourFaith LoRa module is embedded in the urban terminal facilities such as the parking lot collection terminal, the urban street lamp and the manhole cover. The device status is judged by collecting the terminal information, and the collected information is uploaded to the server through the LoRa gateway/base station, and the data is calculated by the city management platform. Information is remotely controlled by the terminal equipment.

LoRaS Series Products

This exhibition is an important platform for the interaction of intelligent information industry. FourFaith LoRa series products are widely used in various terminal fields of smart cities. FourFaith LoRa series products include LoRa modules, terminals, gateways, base stations and other products; LoRa modulation spread spectrum technology is used to realize long-distance transmission, and data interconnection can be realized only through the serial port. It mainly solves the problem of ultra-long-distance communication of small data volume in complex environments, and is a small, low-cost, low-power wireless communication method.

Smart future,FourFaith accompany you

Technology makes the city more beautiful and makes life more beautiful. Although building a smart city is a long process that needs to be iteratively updated, we can already feel the charm it brings. FourFaith communication is constantly exploring the road of smart cities. Focus on IoT, around the industry customers, provide an open concept of cooperation, and is committed to making the vision of all things smarter, smart future, let FourFaith accompany you.


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