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IOT make smarter urban flood control - Four-Faith publishing city flood “Photo”Command Decision System

With the exhibition platform to participating merchants publish the company's annual new products, new technology to become one of the most important roadshow. June 3, 2016 China (Xiamen) International Things Exposition and Forum opened in Xiamen, in the exposition, the networking industry at home and abroad large coffee, experts gathered, with more than 400 exhibiting companies. 20+ enterprise product launch roadshow, including three-dimensional code, VR AR applications, Robot PK, wisdom campus, flood control and wisdom have become a major highlight of this exhibition. "IOT China- Looking for the most influential, the most investment value of Things project," an annual event, Ni Guangnan academicians and other experts visit the guide, investors keen sense of smell and personnel actively involved in the project docking, unprecedented.

Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd, which native grew up in Xiamen, is China backbone enterprise networking applications, Fujian Province enterprises in this exhibition, Xiamen Four-Faith Technology Co., Ltd. launched the city flood "Photo" sharing decision-making chain of command has been widespread concern in the industry customers.

1, How to crack a severe urban waterlogging ? 

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Significant changes in the rapid development of urbanization caused by urban hydrology characteristics, status of urban waterlogging disasters abound. "Rain is a car diving, watching the sea city" has become the city's many "new landscape."

How to establish and improve the urban hydrological forecasting models and storm warnings and flood monitoring and warning system waterlogging, more efficient and accurate severe weather monitoring, forecasting and management, and maximize the effectiveness of the entire city flood control and drainage monitoring network, has become the manager must solved problem. Crack urban waterlogging problem has become a sore point of national concern.

2, Four-Faith publish the city flood release "a map" command and decision-making systems, IOT make the city flood control smarter


"IOT" from concept to product, from the product to the application, surging, rapid development. Water industry as a national modernization of basic industries, to improve water conservancy information construction rose to the national strategic level, the rise of the Internet of Things technology, construction provides a good opportunity to the city flood control.

Four-Faith focus on the wisdom of water conservancy, water and other vertical industry application of information technology product development, production and services, to provide products and wisdom for government departments and industrial customers construction of IOT. In this exhibition the city flood release "a map" command and decision-making system is one of the representative products.

Wisdom of the city, connecting everything, all perception. City flood "a map" command and decision-making systems through the city in key areas such as the bridge opening, surface water points, rivers, lakes, etc. to achieve remote automatic weather monitoring, recording scene complete process dynamics change. Water regime, rainfall, engineering conditions, the whole flood situation mastered. Monitoring involves providing water supply, municipal, meteorological, emergency, traffic, press releases and other departments, warning big data, cloud management platform for monitoring, etc. analysis, processing and management.

Government authorities can always consult the relevant departments to mobilize the water is released. The people at home can be found in the region concerned puddles, go ahead puddles know through the screen, in order to adjust their route decisions. IOT make the city flood control and smarter.

3, Longer than technology, lay leadership


Four-Faith keepsake networking company responsible person in the conference highlighted a four-letter city flood "a map" command and decision-making system design, technology and so on, has just finished his speech namely professional audiences interception advice.

City flood "a map" command and decision-making systems, software sub-systems, perception systems, communications systems, publishing systems, management systems, modern networking technology, GIS technology, communications, computer networks, monitoring technology, information processing and multimedia technology to support, in-depth study of flood control and drought, basic water management, hydraulic engineering characteristics of the monitor, by "a map" to achieve emergency response department, comprehensive, efficient, intelligent, accurate and effective disaster prevention and mitigation.
4, Flood control, "a map", make the city better life

Flood control and wisdom, so that not a terrible flood. The development of IOT, will make the traditional flood livelihood projects become more and more wisdom, quad-city flood "a map" command and decision system, is the competent authority to judge technical support powerful analysis, integrated scheduling, command decisions, enhance flood control front efficiency, make the city better life.

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