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Four-Faith award“Leading Enterprise of Science and Technology in China”

Recently, according to Fujian province science and technology department、Fujian province development and reform commission、 Fujian province economic and information commission、Fujian province finance department《  Published about 2016 province Leading Enterprise of Science and Technology》, Four-Faith through the layers of the selection and strict examine, Final selection list of “2016 province Leading Enterprise of Science and Technology”.



According to claim of Fujian province 《cultivate Leading Enterprise of Science and Technology Corporate action plan》,  the first selection and determination of leading Science and Technology enterprises, focused on a new generation of information technology, new materials and high-end equipment manufacturing ,energy-saving environmental protection, new energy Marine, high-tech modern agricultural biotechnology and new medicine such as strategic emerging industries, to select a batch has strong ability to innovate, have good development potential and market prospects, in local and industry representative and lead exemplary role of well-known enterprises By the municipal science and technology sent to the finance department of the letter should be in accordance with the local government work deployment , picking the identify cultivate the list.


As a backbone enterprise of China Internet of Things in the field of wireless communication, Four-Faith always focus on the wireless communication transmission field, adhere to the technological innovation constantly , do practitioner of intellectual property rights. The first industrial 3G router within the country was developed in Four-Faith company. Four-faith also the first one develop the industrial 4G router is the industry. Close to progress of the Internet of things, do promoters of IOT development.

After years of development, Four-Faith founded the headquarters in the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other places. and we have more than 50 countries and regions of sales service network. ,Award“Fujian Province Famous Brand”and“Ximen city Famous Brand”,set up 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries companies, including Four-Faith IOT, Four-Faith power, Four-Faith interntional, Four-Faith electronic,  having a unique advantage in the IOT field.

Four-Faith selected the “Leading Enterprise of Science and Technology “ cultivating list,  reflects the provincial government and other relevant functional departments of our company has always been committed to promote the Internet of things technology research and development and product innovation in recent years. We will  Constantly optimized in the research and development 、production、service and various parts , strengthen the core competitive advantages , continue to promote the development o

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