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New energy car era! LTE FDD Cellular Router help municipal construction of charging stations

This year is the first year of new energy market, is also speed up the construction of charging pile in Xiamen, improve business model. Recently, the municipal construction development corporation is responsible for the 10 stations (170 charging piles), has completed eight stations (95 charging piles), in South Railway Station square, Municipal building, BRT Qianpu station underground car park, Nanputuo, Jiangtou parking building, Qianpu Shiweitou charging stations, Shuanghan Road charging stations and Huarong Road charging station, with 95 charging piles.

Xiamen city as a modern international port city, related construction and recognition has accepted as a wisdom city, popularity in the country. Four Faith communication as one of the biggest industries wireless communications products and solutions provider in Xiamen, responsible upgrading charging pile network system all over city, to improve the operational stability of terminal equipment and system, so as to improve the quality of convenient service.

At the scene debugging and installation of wireless communication equipment

Four Faith adopted small LTE FDD Cellular Router F3X27 and GPRS IP MODEM F2X03 in project, Four Faith products are easy to deploy and easy to implement, using industrial-grade high-speed 4G/3G module (WCDMA module), super wireless communication ability, huge amounts of data real-time transmission; To provide more security deployment plan, financial-class data transmission standards; Equipment support remote configuration, upgrade and maintenance, greatly improve the efficiency of management.


The charging pile construction project attaches great importance by the leadership of Fujian provincial committee, Xiamen municipal party committee secretary Wang Menghui, together with the five department leadership for guidance work.

Four Faith LTE FDD Cellular Router through rigorous testing, keep long trouble-free operation, stable and reliable security, show a strength and good brand image of Four Faith communication as a domestic leading M2M wireless communication enterprise. This charging pile wireless networking project will greatly convenient for municipal construction development corporation unified monitoring and management, can monitor the running status of each charging pile, real-time grasp the operating condition of charging stations in the city. Raised the convenience for energy vehicle owners, improve the image of the city of Xiamen city as an international modern city.

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