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Police uncle also use Four-Faith WIFI!

Four-Faith WIFI, very great!

Recently, the police uncle in Shanghai also use the Four-Faith WIFI!

Wireless Internet (WiFi), as the rapid popularity of intelligent terminal such as iPhone/iPod became a necessary goods, wireless Internet (WiFi) blowout needs become a inevitably consider basis of service, include such as public security organ department.


Since 2014, Shanghai public security departments cooperation with Four-Faith about police car WiFi project, has carried on the comprehensive optimization and upgrading of the terminal equipment, information security and so on.


Project adopted Four-Faith WIFI operation platform, through F3736H Vehicle Media Router, install WIFI hotspot in vehicle, can provide the abundant local content to officers as well as Internet access, the propaganda department remote push propaganda, learning materials, the latest warnings, etc. via WIFI hotspots.


Moreover, platform can also manage the equipment off/on line, control output bandwidth (save traffic), can through the platform to check the traffic statistics, WIFI connection details and online behavior records, etc., can effectively improve the quality of management and service.

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