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Power wisdom pension!Four Faith Industrial 3g / 4g router in the community the application

Large number of elderly people in China, the state of the elderly services is scarce, on the basis of community endowment service, become the main mode of wisdom endowment. Major cities in recent years, urban wisdom for community endowment, launch the elderly self-help meal service, application of intelligent kiosks in the community endowment service, perfect the old table service.


Four Faith Beijing customers of intelligent distribution ark and self-help vending machine operators, product widely covers Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, shenzhen and other areas of high-end residential area, the main food and beverage related one-stop service life consumption of the localization of end products, which can realize the transportation order management, distribution management, terminal integrated core content, etc. And for the intelligence community to provide quality services. Community in order to more efficient management of terminal distribution ark, customers using Four Faith 3 g / 4 g router to build a "ready meals" distribution ark of intelligent wireless network system.


It is reported, a community of intelligent distribution ark can assemble 70 meals, machine with low temperature frozen food, to ensure the nutrition.


Take after a meal card, can choose to self heating consumption, also can choose by the sale of food machine for heating, simple and convenient, especially suitable for older people.

Hegel said that "existence is reasonable", based on the intelligent tank formation of the regional community life, and on this basis, provide and meet all kinds of life scenes, such as timing, express, books, newspapers and magazines, ticketing service, laundry, and other life, via the food and beverage this high frequency entry to drive the other related derivative services, is an effective way to pry open community business value.


Customers in order to better manage the "entrance", by applying four Faith 4 g 3 g industrial router, wireless and intelligent distribution ark network management center server host to establish a transparent data channel, wireless networking intelligent gateway distribution ark, solve all over the city of wireless communication and upgrade equipment networking intelligent distribution ark, at the same time, cooperate with four Faith cloud platform equipment management, which can realize the distribution cabinet terminal on a full range of monitoring and management, and effectively solve the equipment remote maintenance and management, configuration and upgrades and running state monitoring, etc., so as to improve the quality of convenient service. 

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