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Meet in Singapore CommunicAsia 2016 and share Industrial IOT+

As a leading company in wireless M2M field , Four-Faith will attended  CommunicAsia2016 (  May 31 to June 3 2016) and show the latest wireless M2M products for industrial IOT. Welcome to visit our booth 1N5-01 for more information.

Singapore CommunicAsia is Asia's most representative infocomm technology sector (ICT) event, participants witnessed the future development of the style of the window.  As devices become increasingly being connected, the Internet-of-Things is expected to expand exponentially with the number of internet-connected devices predicted to exceed 40 million by the year 2020. 
Exhibitors and professionals from many countries and regions worldwide will come together to participate in a four-day knowledge sharing and business networking event showcasing the industry's latest technology, listen to industry veterans bring the insights and perspectives.
CommunicAsia2016, Four-Faith will offer many M2M products, including 4G/3G industrial router, 4G/3G/2.5G IP modem, embedded ZigBee module, WiFi operation system and M2M device manage cloud platform.
Four-Faith has been to participate in CommunicAsia for five years, 2016 we are still here for you.
4G/3G Industrial Grade Router
With stable and high speed quality, support DM and WMM platform, double watchdog design to prevent communication module crash, supports a variety of online/offline trigger mode, and other functions.
4G/3G/2.5G Industrial Grade IP Modem
Multi communication interface, small size, supports multi working modes in different network, and providing remote configuration and functions OEM.
WIFI Operation System
The city level, industry level WiFi operation system, supports crowd to surf the Internet simultaneous, accurate to carry out e-business, APP download, O2O and big data business.
Digital Video Recorder
Wireless video record+ Image snapshot+ data Transmission, flexible networking ability, steady running in outdoor harsh environment.
Industrial Computer
With the computer CPU, hard disk, memory, physical interface, and the operating system, network control protocol, computing power and friendly human-machine interface.
3G Industrial grade Wireless RTU
RTU+4G/3G data wireless transmission terminal unit, realizes collect, count, control, storage, alarm and transmission with different kinds of connection software.
Come and Visit us!  Four-faith sincerely invite global customers, system integrators, contractors, industry professionals, the media and friends to come to our booth. We are waiting for you at booth IN5-01! 

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