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Time for school days ! No time to pick up and guard kids to school? Choose custom school !

Four-Faith WIFI router help to build new operating mode of"Internet + Things + school bus" .

fellow-pupils, are you happy at summer holiday ?
So fast that wish more time to go !

Your daddy are too busy to pick you up,
Worry you that so tired to squeeze with other on the bus
No security guarantee for car pooling.
I am breaking my nerve.

How to guarantee students safety during school-home has become a concerned issue for  parents in the going near school days. Parents are eager their kids can also enjoy the "private custom" service.  "Custom Bus" service in school has become the biggest wish for these parents.

Now thanks to the custom bus, I am no longer worried for school.
Fuzhou KangChi Bus--the partner of FourFaith, Create a brand new "market-oriented operation, customized services, intelligent management, systematic security "  professional school bus  operating mode.

The new term of  this year the opening of  "5i84 custom school bus" number of passengers will exceed 2,000 people, covering schools amplified  from 2 to 8 , custom line increased from 9to 64 , the students exclusive line plan  officially launched operating tomorrow .
Charactered with mobile Internet technology computing, big data, real-time online and other marketing ,  "5i84 custom school bus"  has broad developing prospects. FourFaith provide wifi network solution  service for custom school bus service .Adopting Four-Faith WiFi operating system with F3934 WIFI router, help customers achieve "Internet + Things + school bus," the new model to achieve home school 24-hour online seamlessly!
Fuzhou city now cover 4G / 3G / 2.5G network. Deploying Four-Faith WIFI operating system on custom school bus can achieve excellent WiFi access experience. Users can easily enjoy free WIFI Internet surfing as well as the local storage content such as learning program , news and other rich information.  The user can quickly download "5i84 custom school bus" APP software, to keep abreast of benefits and customized services provided by Fuzhou KangChi Bus.

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